The Ball Mastery program is taking place every week. This is a great opportunity for youth players to get extra quality touches in. This does not take the place of training with one's team, but it will absolutely enhance your child's development. Below you will find all dates and times, cost, and registration information.

Dates and Times and What To Expect

Monday 4:30-5:30, technical session - Lots and lots of touches on the ball, using all surfaces of the feet. This will help all players with their touch, control, and confidence in small spaces.

Tuesday 4:30-5:30, Speed and Agility - One of Orange County's premier speed and agility coaches will come and work on our athletes with their running form, strength, explosiveness and other functional activities that will make your son or daughter stronger, faster, and quicker on the field.

Wednesday 4:30-5:30, shooting session - Goals, goals, goals! Who doesn't want to score goals? Athletes will have a full hour full of shooting. They will learn to shoot from a variety of angles with proper technical form.

Esperanza High School grass field

$10 per session

How to Register

All registration for sessions will be completed on
In order to register for any sessions, you must register for an account. It is very simple and takes only a minute. Payments are completed online thru PayPal. Why online? Having a headcount of players prior to each session allows for coaches to better prepare for their session, thus leading to the most quality training for our athletes. You MUST register to attend a session for the day.

With sessions offered three days of the week, and all before most teams train, we hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to enhance technical and physical development.